Your social place for remote work

A 3D virtual office designed to improve communication, collaboration, and productivity.

Why should remote feel less real?

Get all the benefits of an office, enhanced by the infinite possibilities of a virtual space.

The shift towards hybrid and remote work has brought about as many opportunities as it did new challenges. Konpi has none but one mission, to enable teams to stay connected and collaborate seamlessly, breaking down the barriers of distance to make teamwork thrive in this new era of work.

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    Instant conversations and meetings

    Simply approach a co-worker to start talking or launch meetings with just one click.
    Meetings just got easy again!

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    Combat “Zoom fatigue”

    Lessen the pressure of constant camera use while maintaining a truly social experience.
    Use your avatar to convey emotions even when your camera is off.

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    Get a quick overview of office activity

    See who's available and what they're working on with just a glance at your virtual office. Don't miss out on impromptu interactions and valuable collaboration opportunities with your team.

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    Preserve your focus

    Activate the 'Do Not Disturb' status to minimize interruptions and silence unnecessary notifications. Your team can still leave messages and positive vibes for you to discover when you return.

Enhance collaboration

Share content in a more legible way

Share content in a more legible way

Take full advantage of a 3D space to pin notes, files, links, Figma prototypes, Google spreadsheets, and more – to let your team quickly access them when they need to.

React with Emojis & Emotes

React with Emojis & Emotes

Show your thoughts and feelings without interrupting the meeting flow with a wide range of avatar animations and emojis.

Unleash your team’s creativity

Unleash your team’s creativity

Empower your team to share ideas. Foster real-time brainstorming sessions, and stimulate spontaneity and creativity.

Bring back Fun and Company Culture

Bring back Fun and Company Culture

A lively office environment

See all the meetings and casual conversations happening in real-time, bringing life to your virtual office and developing a sense of community. Don't miss out on bonding opportunities with teammates in the break area anymore.

Design a virtual office that fits your image

Use our wide range of templates selection or ask our team to customize your office to look like your real-world location, creating a familiar and personalized environment.

Celebrate your success as a team

Use a diverse set of animations, and flying emojis, or hit the virtual gong to celebrate together with your team all your big wins in a more enjoyable and impactful way.

Protect privacy and security

Protect privacy and security

Secure and private communications

Your text, voice, and video communications are fully protected with TLS and SSL encryption.

Tailored roles and permission access

Efficiently manage access to departments, virtual spaces, and rooms using role-based permissions. Customize guest access with specific settings such as IP address, password, or specific email domain login for enhanced security.



Catch up with what happened at the office on your phone during your commute.
Collaborate and interact with your team on your desktop.
End your day with an immersive face-to-face meeting with your client in VR.


  • 01.

    Reduce costs by eliminating the need for a physical office space, and other associated costs.

  • 02.

    Boost productivity through a flexible work environment, that allows your team to work from anywhere, at any time.

  • 03.

    Remote work leads to increased job satisfaction and employee retention as well as improving productivity by 6% on average.

  • 04.

    Manage your team more effectively by visualizing their availability status at a glance.

use case

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    Virtual Office

    Create the perfect virtual workspace to enhance your teamwork and unlock a new level of productivity.

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    Virtual Classroom

    An easy-to-use online classroom to provide a more social experience to your students.

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    Onboard your new hires and train them remotely.

Transform your remote work experience

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  • Device Support

    Smartphone, Tablet, PC, Mac, VR Headset

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    Not Required

  • Chat

    Message, Audio, Video & Screen Share

  • Custom Domain

    Upon Request

  • Multiple Offices

    Available for premium and above



Find the perfect solution to enable your business to take advantage of the benefits offered by virtual worlds.

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    Make your remote team feel more connected. Improve teamwork in an easy to use workspace now.

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    Offer immersive and interactive 3D seminars, conferences, or live concerts to your audience.

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    Advertise your content in a whole new way with tailored-made interactive websites.